Second Grade Curriculum

“What curriculum are you using?” That is one of my favorite questions from homeschooling parents. I love talking about the great curriculum available to the homeschool community. Since several of you have asked, I will take some time and share our choices, grade by grade, in several posts.

Latin and French for Children

Latin and French are totally optional in second grade.

As a rule of thumb, I go with The Well Trained Mind recommendations, but not every single thing. I have not started teaching my children Greek, for example. Besides, her recommendations for spelling have not worked for us.

Even Susan Wise Bauer herself does not do everything she wrote in that book. A few years ago, I was sitting in one of her seminars when she told us her book is a blueprint for the ideal plan and she does not expect anybody or herself to follow everything in it.

For further help teaching second grade, I wrote a book: 101 Tips for Second Grade Homeschooling, available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Our 2nd Grade Curriculum

Here is what we have actually used in our homeschool in second grade:

Reading – Mensa for Kids, K-3 reading book list

Spelling and grammar – Logic of English Foundations, A and B

Writing – Logic of English Rhythm of Handwriting, cursive; plus copywork books I picked up here and there. You can make your own copywork pages online, if you have the energy.

Math – Math Mammoth – Light Blue Series, 2nd grade – This curriculum has worked for us for four years now, so we are not switching.

Vocabulary – Wordly Wise 3000, Book 2

Science – Christian Schools International Science Curriculum, 2nd grade – I only buy the student manual. We also attended science classes for homeschoolers at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.

History – Story of the World, Vol. 1 (Ancients) or whatever volume you are on with your oldest.

Art – Private lessons at Art Studio of the Smokies

Bible – The Bible Story (10 blue hardback volumes) by Arthur Maxwell

Latin for Children, A – Classical Academic Press; you will also want the Activity Book, and the Answer Key.

French for Children, A – Classical Academic Press. Get the Answer Key and the audio/video streaming (or CD/DVD set), too.

Both are great programs, if your second grader has the ability to grasp abstract concepts like personal pronouns. If grammar is still too hard for your child, you can wait another year for Latin and French.

Our children were also taking taekwondo at the Gatlinburg Community Center, piano lessons, violin lessons, and orchestra with Knoxville Youth Symphony Orchestras.

Hope this helps. Drop me a line with questions if you have any.

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