Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 29

Rome’s War with Carthage introduced the children to Hannibal and his elephants. Also, to drinking poison as a form of suicide. I briefly told them that suicide is the ultimate form of self-destruction and it hurts God very much, not to mention the family you leave behind. I said they should never, ever take life for granted because it is a gift from God. We moved on.

Elephant Ear Donuts

Hanibal’s elephant ears were delicious

They liked the maze with Hannibal crossing the Alps and the elephant story. So we made donuts shaped as big elephant ears. I could not imagine using frozen biscuit dough for this project, as suggested in the book. Wouldn’t that be too salty to turn around and cover it in cinnamon sugar? Nope. I was wrong. These donuts were delicious.

I used demerara sugar mixed with cinnamon, but the sugar was too rough as far as texture. We ended up sprinkling the donuts with confectioner’s sugar.

Powder Sugar Donuts

Powder Sugar Donuts

Next time, we will know better and mix the cinnamon with confectioner’s sugar instead from the beginning.

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