Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 41

Chapter 41 talks about the attacking barbarians: Attila the Hun, Stilicho, and the Visigoths.

My son decided to draw a picture of Attila the Hun based on the description by Edward Gibbon, who is quoted in the Story of the World.

Attila the Hun sketched by a boy

My son sketched Attila based on the description in the activity book

The kids were really disgusted by the Huns’ habit of eating raw meat which had been spiced up between their saddles and their horse. I actually remembered one of my teachers back in middle school telling us about the Huns and how they were uncivilized to the point of eating raw meat which had been stored that way.

I was impressed with Honoria’s desire to get away from the Roman court. How bad was it, that she preferred to marry Attila?


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