Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 26

Chapter 26 finally introduced us to the ancient civilizations of the Americas. I showed them on a world map how we moved from the Fertile Crescent and the Mediterranean Sea across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. My daughter misunderstood. She thought we were done with Ancient History and we were going to now study more recent events. She was excited!

First off, I had no idea she had any feelings or opinions about what kind of historical period we were learning. I love these moments in our homeschool when I discover how my children feel about what we do.

Rabbit Shoots the Moon comic strip

Rabbit Shoots the Moon comic strip

I don’t necessarily change our routine or curriculum based on their likes or dislikes, but it’s good to keep my ear to the ground and be in touch with their true selves, their inner lives.

The Americas Coloring Page

Coloring page by my son

That is a major reason to homeschool. So many parents who send their children to school have no idea who their children really are, by virtue of the schedule which keeps them apart for most of the day.

I read them the three stories and they colored the map and the comic strip. We made tapioca pudding. My daughter and I are big fans of tapioca pudding. Daddy and son, not so much. Oh well. More for the girls in the family, right?

The recipe provided in the activity book calls for a lot of sugar. De gustibus non est disputandum, of course, but I am just forewarning you that even the minute tapioca pudding recipe on the box calls for a lot less sugar. You can always sweeten it more with dried fruit, which helps with decorating the pudding, too. Just my two cents’ worth.

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