Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 32

Chapter 32 deals with China: the First Emperor, the Great Wall of China, pictograms, calligraphy, and the burial chamber filled with clay warriors and horses. My son had a lot of fun listening to the stories. I thought it was a long chapter, but he was not bored at all. I mentioned there is yet one more story in the chapter and he said, “Keep going! Read it!”

Boy building a dirt mold for a backyard Great Wall of China

Filling the dirt mold

After map work and coloring, we built the Great Wall of China: first on the table, then in our backyard. Here is a clip showing him fill up the dirt cast. Here is the next step – removing the cast.

To make the cast, we used super glue and craft sticks, as directed in the activity book.

We had lots of fun, although I did get some super glue on my fingers. Two days later, I am still dealing with it. The duct tape left some residue, too. I just could not figure out how to use super glue to connect the four sides. So I opted for duct tape instead. 

Four Sides and Tape

After they dry, bring on the duct tape.

Dirt Mold

Duct tape seemed easier.

I psyched myself up before the project that “we will get dirty” so I would not freak out with all the dirt. Sure enough, after he built it, he started throwing dirt all over himself. I am ashamed to say that I started freaking out, but then I remembered he can take a shower… and he did.

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