Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 37

The Beginning of Christianity or Chapter 37 marked a welcome connection between the Roman Empire and the life of Jesus Christ. My five-year-old daughter asked me, before we started this chapter, whether Jesus lived close to the time of Caesar. I was impressed with her question and honestly I could not tell you if she made the connection herself from her previous Bible lessons or if she just happened to wonder.

Map of early Christianity colored by a boy

Map colored by my son

She has been taken to church since she was six weeks old, as opposed to me. My parents did not take me to church but once a year, for Easter.We have been telling her about how Joseph and Mary had to obey the Roman law about the census when they traveled to Bethlehem etc etc etc. Maybe it was just a coincidence that she asked that question right before we started this chapter. I would like to think that they are starting to make connections between all the bits and pieces of information they have accumulated so far, but I cannot be sure this is the evidence of that process at work.

We are pressing on to finish the volume by the end of this week, so we did not spend too much time on the crafts suggested. But the kids did a great job coloring the map, I thought.

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