Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 17

Babylon Takes Over Again! or chapter 17 helped us remember some of the Bible stories about King Nebuchadnezzar. The kids knew the story of his golden statue, but not the story about his madness. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were also a new concept. The children drew them out of their own imagination. My daughter requested help, so I drew a ziggurat for her and let her decorate it with trees. My son drew an aerial view and then a side view of a mountain with all sorts of vegetation on it.

We did this chapter at bedtime, instead of our regular reading. They enjoyed it and I did too. We got it done.

They answered the narration questions well and I started to see the beginning of narration. I still have to teach them how to narrate, by giving them the beginning of the sentences in the activity book and allowing them to finish the thought. Most of the time they do it well. And by “they” I mean mostly my son, as he is the first grader and I direct my questions to him.

The coloring page with Marduk and Tiamat was deemed appropriate by a committee made up of teacher (moi) and principal (daddy). Our daughter thought Tiamat was actually an alligator at first. I asked them if the picture bothered them. They said no.

We opted out of the science project. I really don’t want more dirt and grass seed around. Am I getting lazy? A veteran homeschooling mom told me how a teacher gets transformed from August to April. In August, all the supplies are ready, there is a smile on the teacher’s face, and her energy level is through the roof. By April, smiling can seem difficult at times, the supplies are half used and nobody cares anymore where they are anyway, and the energy level has dwindled down significantly.

Um, I’m feeling it.

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