Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 6

Chapter six deals with the Jewish People. It fits nicely with our devotional (Through the Bible with Felts – Betty Lukens), as we are still in the Old Testament, right around the time of Exodus and the story of Joseph. Another coincidence: we have started listening to the MP3 Bible in the car. As I type this post, we are in Genesis Chapter 28. So the SOTW chapter was a nice recap of the story of Terah, Abraham, Moses and Joseph for us.

I chose Alexander Scourby’s reading of the King James Version. A bit boring for the kids, but we are slowly making progress. I tell them, “One chapter only,” so they don’t have room to protest. But we go somewhere by car several times a week, so we have the potential of listening to at least six chapters in three trips, for instance (one chapter each way per trip).

From Dance, Sing, Remember, one of the recommended readings, we made Harvest Muffins. We loved these.

Harvest muffins with a glass of rice milk

Harvest muffins with a glass of rice milk

I scanned the recipe and printed it out for future reference. And by “future” I mean “next week.” They were that good.

For the coat of many colors, my son happened to work on a felt craft during Sabbath School at church, which represented the many colors in Joseph’s coat. Yes, they were also covering the story of Joseph there, too. The teacher got felt strips from Hobby Lobby and then cut them out herself. So thankful for faithful, diligent teachers.

Craft of many colors to represent Joseph's coat

Craft of many colors to represent Joseph’s coat

Also, if you are looking for simple Old Testament stories, read by a narrator and spiced up with just a bit of animation, I would recommend Personally, I stay away from screens as much as I can. Something to do with brain research – read Endangered Minds. But on a day when I am tired of reading yet one more thing to the kids, this website comes in handy and the kids like the variety.

Back to our history adventures… The narration exercises seem a bit difficult at this time, but the kids will answer questions well. I work with my son especially, since he is my official homeschooler (in first grade). However, today, he did well narrating his Bible story from church. It happened to be the story of Potiphar’s wife lying about Joseph. On the way back home, I asked my son  to tell his dad, who was in a different classroom with our daughter, what he learned about the story of Joseph. My son did a good job explaining in three sentences how Joseph got into jail even though he was innocent.

What do you know? Joseph himself came to my son’s classroom to tell his story.

Joseph in Sabbath School

Joseph came to Sabbath School

History, our devotional, and church Bible stories all seemed to run into each other in a good way for us for this chapter. That is why it has taken me so long to write this post. So many weeks in a row I kept taking pictures and I knew we were not done yet. Hopefully I can be more on track from now on.

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