Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 14

Chapter 14 deals with the life of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. The kids knew the story from their Bible lessons. This was very good reinforcement though.

I read while they colored. We made a Moses basket. Well, I made it. They painted it. Team effort, right?

It was not exactly easy, but I persevered. I know what you are thinking, that I have too much time on my hands. The thing is, I take time for things that matter. And the story of Moses is very dear to my heart – God used this story to speak to me about homeschooling a few years ago.

For some reason, gold paint really appeals to my children. I gave in and let them paint it gold. We decided not to seal it with polyurethane, as we did not plan on putting the basket in water.

We laminated the sheet about the 10 plagues and covered it with the stickers provided. I found out that even if you get the right Avery labels, they are not removable. My son decided he did not want his stickers to overlap, so he used the back of the laminated worksheet, as well.

I read the passages from Exodus as directed while they colored and cut their stickers. My son is the proud owner of an NIrV Bible for children and I was glad to read from it, so that the language may be more accessible to both of them.

The 10th plague was tough. I avoided saying it in my own words. I let the Bible speak for itself. My daughter, 4, said, “So no girls died.” My son told me afterwards he did not want to hear anymore about people dying. I intend to leave the subject of death on the shelf for a long time. With the passing of his two grandfathers in the past year, my son has been quite affected by the darkness of death.

We will skip over the diorama simply because I have no action figures to put in and no desire to get more little toys around the house. There used to be this great wooden set of Exodus figurines on Etsy, but alas it is no longer available. That would have been perfect. Oh well…

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