Snow and School Days

I just love how we can do school through snowy days – when our public school friends stay home from school, we are home, doing school. I know they probably get some assignments, but we continue full speed.

Another reason I am happy is that we are snowed in or iced in, which means I have to cancel all our outside classes. That translates into more time for me to write and finish some projects around the house while they play. Oh, I could sing an ode to the gift of time at home that this snow has given me…

So we did school in the morning, then lunch, then time outside for them while I stayed super busy inside. I did go out once with them, to build a snow man, but the snow was too dry. It did not stick to itself.

Several people died of hypothermia in our county, so we made sure to bring the kids inside after 30 minutes. It has been frigid, 14F-28F. It looks like I will have to cancel one more thing this week. We are thankful for heat and electricity. We have not lost power at all.

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