Mom Monday Week 28 – Water, Water, Everywhere

Homeschooling is uncharted territory with each one of your children, because each one is unique and may require a different curriculum. But when you homeschool your first born, we are really talking uncharted territory, 100%.

It’s no wonder that I am overjoyed to see how things tie in so beautifully for us, even though we are only beginning our second year homeschooling. Lately, it seems that the theme in most of our studies has been water, water, everywhere.

We have started the study of history – the ancient world. A big issue in those days was water. We have been taking our time with the chapter on Egypt and the Nile River. I can’t wait to show you what we have been working on. But the idea is that water was extremely valuable back then. If you had water, you had crops and healthy animals. You could survive.

Water Water Everywhere

This concept was only reinforced in our devotionals, because we are studying the Old Testament stories from Betty Lukens’ Through the Bible in Felts. After a famine in Canaan, probably related to a drought, Isaac moved to Gerar to find water for his animals and for his family and servants. But he experienced a lot of trouble because of water wells in Gerar.

You know the story. His father dug many of the wells which Isaac reclaimed as his own. The locals were not happy. They took over these wells. Isaac had to dig another and then another, because the scenario repeated itself.

Isaac persevered. At one point, he moved further away. That adjustment worked and he was allowed to remain there.

The Bible story mentions that they always seemed to have water and food in Egypt, but God promised Isaac abundance if he did NOT go to Egypt.

All this ties in even further with our health and science studies of late. I am in the process of teaching my children to drink water between meals. For their age and body mass, they recommend six cups per day. I drink at least eight. I love water.

We all know that our bodies are mostly made of water. Have you told your children? Here are some activities you could use in your homeschool to relay the importance of drinking water.

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