Story of the World, Vol. 1, Chapter 19

We listened to The Early Greeks or Chapter 19 in the car, on the way to soccer practice. I brought along their clipboards, crayons, and worksheets. Alas, sweet five-year-old daughter refused to color. But my son did his work.

My husband assures me it is only a matter of time before our daughter will get with the program and obey more. After all, her behavior reminds us of our son when he was five. I hope my husband is right.

Since she is only in PreKindergarten, I did not lay the law down. I just let her look out the window instead of coloring, knowing she was listening to the story simply by being in the car with us. But, in all honesty, I don’t think I will invest in the CDs for volume 2. As useful as they can be, I think it makes more sense for me to read to them the stories while they color. Based on my experience this year, we have only listened to five, maybe six lessons in the car. The rest, I have read them at home.

The following day, I read the story to them again to give her a chance to work on her coloring and map. The whole process was a bit convoluted, as she wants to sit in my lap while coloring and I must juggle book, wiggly five-year-old in lap, and reaching for the tissue box (spring allergies are in full swing at our house).

The crafts seemed a bit too much for our energy level at this time of the year. I was delighted they decorated their Greek vase coloring sheet very nicely and we moved on to the next chapter. We are trying to catch up and finish this textbook by the end of the school year, which is about 40 days away.

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