Week 7 – Done

Last week, my husband’s mom passed away, so everything turned on its head. We had to take care of urgent matters and skipped homeschooling here and there. However, lots of learning happened.

Teenage boy getting a haircut

Our son got his previously scheduled haircut.

Legal matters, household management, family relationships – it all came in full focus. The kids were learning fast and we were, too. Sometimes you learn what to do and other times what not to do.

Then there is the emotional factor. Finding humor in every situation helps mature and ground a person. The kids did really well handling all the tasks we gave them. We talked a lot about the future and how they expect to take care of us when we get old.

We had to skip hiking and church to attend to urgent matters. Also, we had family come in from out-of-state and wanted to spend time with them. Harp did not happen, but tae kwon do did. We had to roll with the punches.

What a week! And the following weeks will probably continue to roll on with just as many interruptions to our regular schedule. Life trumps homeschooling.

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