Week 8 – Done

Normally, this week 8 should have been “Fall Break.” However, we do not usually take a fall break. Besides, we are slightly behind because of the death we had in the family in September.

Backyard fungi

My daughter took pictures of backyard mushrooms.

Therefore, we did our regular learning whenever possible. The co-op we attend was not in session because of “Fall Break.” We took advantage of that and stayed home and continued in our books.

I took my daughter to Knoxville for her harp lesson. We did some extended shopping in several stores – things we planned to pick up several weeks ago, but which had to be put on hold due to the aforementioned sad event. Also, we took DVDs, records, and CDs to McKay’s in Knoxville. Store credit is nice, because a lot of their books are in like new condition.

We skipped the hike because it was one hour and 40 minutes away from our house. My limit for driving to a hike is one hour and 30 minutes. Again, we utilized that time to our advantage, and did some more book learning.

One of the days, we had to go to the Pigeon Forge Library to apply for a passport for our son. We have been meaning to apply for a new one since August, when we realized he could not find it anymore. The library staff informed us that if our son were 16, his new passport would be valid for 10 years. But, since he is still only 15, his new passport would be valid only for 5 years.

His birthday is coming up in November, so we decided to wait. We postponed the application yet again. Guess what? Two days later, he located his passport. He decided to clean some drawers in his room and found his passport hidden under some cubing mats. So glad we had not declared it lost, null, and void. All is well when it ends well.

And this week we finally made it to church. It is such a relief to get back into our regular routine again. However, we still have a lot to do to prepare for the funeral and to get her estate settled.

The good news is that we have all learned a lot from cleaning her home. We are all ready to get rid of clutter and things we do not use at all.

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