Week 7 – Done

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Last week, my husband’s mom passed away, so everything turned on its head. We had to take care of urgent matters and skipped homeschooling here and there. However, lots of learning happened.

Teenage boy getting a haircut

Our son got his previously scheduled haircut.

Legal matters, household management, family relationships – it all came in full focus. The kids were learning fast and we were, too. Sometimes you learn what to do and other times what not to do. Continue reading »

Lessons from the 32nd Week

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We were disappointed to find out the social distancing had to be prolonged for another week, but we went for it. Praying for all those affected directly by COVID-19, we pressed on with our homeschooling and tried to make the most of our time at home.

Roof Top Tent

We camped in our backyard to relieve the cabin fever.

Both my children have finished their math books, so we are reviewing a lot of material right now, before starting on higher grades. In language arts, they finished their test prep books. I discovered they both lacked grammar notions that I have taught them. Continue reading »