Thoughtful Thursday Week 40 – Coincidences

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by coincidences. Growing up in a secular family, I wondered why I met certain people on the street. What if I had taken a different route? Would I have met somebody else? Would I have received different news? Those were the days when news came face-to-face, not via Facebook.

As I gained a spiritual perspective, I realized that coincidences are part of God’s Providence. He sets kings up, He removes them. He takes care of the sparrow. He knows my name and the street on which I live. Yes, I believe God is personal. I am no agnostic.

Thoughtful Thursday Coincidences

Five years ago, I was wrestling with, “To homeschool or not to homeschool?” That was the question. I decided to homeschool. The rest was not just history. It was a series of coincidences that simply blew me away.

They keep on coming, too. It’s like once I aligned myself with God’s will and purpose for my life, things fell into place like a puzzle. Every time.

There was the time when I decided to get more curriculum from Peace Hill Press and, the following week, this homeschooling mom, out of the blue, decided to just give me $200 worth of brand new, never before used Peace Hill Press curriculum she was not going to use anymore.

There was the time when I scheduled our weekly trips to the Adventurer Club – one hour away from home and then wondered if it was the right decision, i.e. drive for two hours only to be somewhere for 90 minutes. The following week, I got an email about another activity I could schedule in that city on the same day. I even had the right amount of commute time in between.

I could go on and on.

The most recent coincidence happened today. I knew about this field trip to Rainforest Adventures, but I was not sure I could fit it into our schedule. When somebody asked me yesterday if I was going, I said I was not.

Then, I received the October newsletter from Handbook of Nature Study. The theme is reptiles. I made a note of it and decided to read up on the recommended pages through Anna Comstock’s book.

As I was discussing an unrelated issue with our field trip organizer, I asked her a few more details about the “show” she mentioned they would do for us. She said it would be strictly about the animals, what they eat, how large they can get. Once I got on their website and read some more about it, it hit me: this is what we needed for our reptile study. They have so many of them, plus other species.

What a coincidence, right? Just when I decided to incorporate more nature study into our homeschool, this field trip to a local exotic animal discovery center gets organized on the very day I was going to teach the kids about reptiles.

If I gush about anything, it is about God’s provision. He is real and personal, but one must take the leap of faith and believe it first.

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