Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 10

The Bottom of the World or Chapter 10 deals with the first people of Australia and New Zealand. The coincidences in our homeschool keep on coming. When we went to the Pigeon Forge Library last week for Meet Mr. Lincoln, my daughter picked up a packet containing a book about McGillyCuddy, a kangaroo stuffed animal with a joey in its pouch, and an activity page based on kangaroos. The next history lesson dealt with Australia and New Zealand. Hmmm…

Mock moths (peanuts) and popcorn, held together by honey

Mock moths (peanuts) and popcorn, held together by honey

The children thought the coloring page looked strange – it is a Maori with all his war or decorative paint. The map was fun. We sang the continent song and I reminded them Australia is also a continent, not just a country. 

I am behind in ordering the extra books for this chapter, so I only read the chapter to them and we’ll have to catch up with the extra literature. Of course, the parts about the boy eating snake and other lovely meat grossed us out.

We worked on an edible craft: the moth (peanut) and popcorn medley. I like these edible crafts. I don’t have to worry about storage afterwards. I wondered if I should use microwave popcorn or the real deal, which requires popping in a pan. I decided to go for the easy route. We buy Full Circle microwave popcorn, without butter, which is the healthiest alternative available, as far as I know.

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