Outdoor Playsets Give Kids a Head Start

Encouraging your children to play outside has never been more challenging. A new age of technology has begun, with the younger generation becoming more familiar with computers and video games than ever before. Whilst this provides a platform for development and learning, it can reduce time spent on activities outdoors.

Playground rings

My children love to hang from similar rings.

This sedentary lifestyle can be the cause of many health related issues such as childhood obesity. The solution is very simple and doesn’t require a dramatic change to their lifestyle. An outdoor playset offers a whole host of benefits and the kids will love it too.


Cognitive and physical development

Modern outdoor playsets come with a variety of different add-ons and features meaning that children can swing, climb or slide for hours without getting bored. This physical exertion is great for burning calories whilst developing upper and lower body strength. This early form of exercise can foster a lifelong love of the outdoors, encouraging a healthier lifestyle for years to come. It’s also beneficial for developing both the fine and major motor skills responsible for hand-to-eye coordination, balance and reflexes.


Improved self confidence

With an outdoor playset, you’ll have the perfect reason to invite your children’s friends for a playdate. It’s an opportunity for kids to share different games, learning to play together responsibly. This interaction can be the foundation for critical social skills and improve communication at an early age. Aside from their self-confidence as they build closer relationships with their friends, they can also become more independent.

Girl on a playset

No child left indoors


Better creativity

A playset offers a world of imagination where children can get lost in role playing scenarios. This not only keeps them busy for hours, it also develops their creativity, allowing them to escape their everyday life and is shown to improve different cognitive functions.


Endless fun

Although the children of today often spend much of their time behind a computer screen, video game or the latest gadget, they’ll often complain of being bored. An outdoor playset offers a different type of entertainment that never gets old. The configuration can be changed and additional features added to provide new and exciting ways to play.

With impressive benefits, there’s never been a better reason to choose an outdoor playset. There’s something to suit all children from wooden climbing frames to small sand pits and swingsets. Toy retailers like Little Tikes are renowned for their affordable and safe outdoor toys. Make the small investment and your children can become healthier whilst having tonnes of fun.

Images by O.S. Fisher and epredator used under Creative Commons License.

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