Thoughtful Thursday Week 42 – Mr. Lincoln

Today we went to the Pigeon Forge Library for a program called “Meet Mr. Lincoln.” For about 40 minutes, Dennis Boggs told us the story of Abraham Lincoln from birth until his assassination. The costume, hair and makeup were perfect. The delivery was superb. It’s easy to overdo impersonations, but I am happy to tell you that this one is just right. One can tell Mr. Boggs has extensive theater experience.

Meet Mr. Lincoln with little girl

My daughter with Mr. Lincoln at the Pigeon Forge Library.

The whole point of this presentation is to encourage children to read and “stay in school.”

Mr. Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln comes to schools, libraries, conventions, homeschool groups and any other gathering interested in history and literacy. You can find all the information and rates on his website. 

Boy with an actor impersonating Abraham Lincoln

My son with an actor impersonating Abraham Lincoln

As for me, I learned a lot through this presentation. My seven-year-old was spellbound for 40 minutes. My five-year-old paid attention for at least 30 minutes. I had to get creative to keep her quiet and in her seat.

After the presentation, they picked up some books and then we took pictures with Mr. Lincoln. This actor does a great job using humor with children and adults alike.

What impressed me the most was the fact that Lincoln went to school for less than a year, combining all the years he had time to go to school. How did he build his eloquence? He read. It’s that simple. He read. Would you like to know how to put your child through college with a scholarship? Read to him for 20 minutes a day or more. Teach him to read. Turn off the screens in your life (TV, tablet, telephone) and read to your child.

Lift up the book and the book will draw your child to it. That’s a biblical principle, by the way. The Word Himself said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” Keep the reading program up. Get most of your books from the library, but do build a home library of classics and nonfiction titles on various topics. This will build your child’s vocabulary and you know that vocabulary is the single one predictor of future success in a child. The more words your child hears and learns, the better he will fare as an adult. Happy reading!

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