Rescheduling Events

We had to reschedule the Spelling Bee for February and TeenPact for March. January seems plagued with winter storms and COVID-19 outbreaks. So we learn to change the schedule and carry on.

Snow on shrub support

Snow in our backyard

Many years ago, I published a post about flexibility. One of my readers said, “Flexibility is easier said than done.” I totally agree. We packed and made plans for several weeks and, frankly, months, about TeenPact and the Spelling Bee.

And then we had to postpone it all for one and two months respectively. Not easily done. It takes a toll on your emotions.

We are back in full force with our daily schedule. Because of sickness and bad weather, we have not been hiking at all. That gives us an extra day of studying, for which I am thankful.


Other Thoughts

I am realizing how much help it is to have video instruction for algebra. We rely on his explanations now and then. When we get stuck, we click play on our videos and get a full explanation of how to factor trinomials.

Recently, I scheduled the SAT for our son. He took the ACT last year, in seventh grade, and received a score which would allow him to go to college. Of course, we do not send him to college now. There are other readiness factors besides academics. But we received this good advice from an experienced homeschool mom: take both tests before high school so that he can see which format he enjoys more. Then, in high school, keep taking the one test he enjoys best.

I have a feeling our son will like the SAT more. He got really tired during the ACT. The SAT is at least 10 minutes shorter and does not have Science.

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