Algebra Going Well

Our son is in 8th grade and taking Algebra I for high school credit. He has always found math easy to understand. Our curriculum of choice was Math Mammoth since 2nd grade. We tried Singapore Math and found it too easy.

Thunder on book

Thunder, our cat, used to keep us company before he disappeared.

Then we tried Right Start Math Level B and found it so great, we ordered Level C for the following year. Level C proved too weird for me to teach. I do not understand math in that way. So we had to ditch that and tried Alpha Omega Publishing’s math textbook, which we found too colorful and printed too closely together on the page. Picky, aren’t we?

Math Mammoth was just right and we stuck with it, while reading Life of Fred on the side, for fun. As you might know, Math Mammoth ends with Pre-Algebra, which most people do in 7th grade. What to do after that? Maria Miller, the creator of Math Mammoth, recommended Math Without Borders for video instruction combined with Paul Foerster’s Algebra I textbook, a classic from Prentice Hall.

So far, so good. We are flying through this book because the first 4-5 chapters are, in essence, pre-algebra. We have already covered those concepts so well through Math Mammoth, that we did not find Algebra that daunting. It is only when we got to the middle part of the book that we were feeling like our son was getting new concepts.

We mainly use the textbook, but, if we get stuck on a problem or a lesson, we play the video from Math Without Borders (Home Study Companion is another name for the company). Everybody likes different math curricula and I submit this recommendation as our favorite.

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