Happy Valentine’s Day!

Two weeks into February and the weather has warmed up considerably. We went from 26F to 62F in two days and it was a shock to my system. After dealing with flu-like symptoms for more than a week, the sore throat is back. The doctor says no antibiotics are needed. It’s just the weather.

So… more tea and home remedies and lots of rest. I am not complaining, but I would like more energy to accomplish everything on my list. Oh well. One cannot have everything in life.

How am I spending Valentine’s Day? Homeschooling, of course! It’s what I love to do with the people I love the most in this world. My husband works from home, so we are all together. It’s bliss.

We made cookies so we have a special homemade treat. I will make lasagna for lunch. We love being together and enjoying home cooked meals.

This week is the home stretch for the Spelling Bee and Science Olympiad Regionals. In such a situation, we drop other subjects and focus on what needs to be done for the competitions.

I wish somebody had told me that when I first started homeschooling. Maybe it is common sense, but it wasn’t for me. I learned the hard way you just drop everything nonessential when you have a deadline for a competition.

And there you have it: an update, a piece of advice, and a wish for you to experience the best vibes on Valentine’s Day.

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