Happy New Year 2022!

This Christmas break and the beginning of the new calendar year 2022 have been rather emotional. Long story, but it’s the story of burnout, too. A lot of family details have pushed us together more than ever. I suppose it is part of the process as the children grow and we all change accordingly.

Relaxing by the fire

Relaxing by the fire

Burnout appeared among us back in October, but we kept it together through November and December. By the middle of December, when we took a break, I realized how much I needed to space out of my surroundings. So I escaped into books and on demand content I view online.

Keeping the kids occupied is not difficult. I just check in with them every two hours or so. They are independent and know what they want to do.

If you feel your life is out of balance, you need to stop and smell the roses. It is so easy for homeschool moms to focus on everybody but themselves for long periods of time. The result is exhaustion and burnout. Don’t do that to yourself!

Here’s to a happy new year, a year in which we prioritize self-care, so that we can serve our families better.

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