Goals, Productivity – Facebook Live Event

We started a new year, you say? Huh! What do you know? 2021 has arrived. Just kidding. To wake up those who have been living under a rock, we kicked off the new year with a Facebook Live Event on goal setting, productivity, and motivation.

Woman sitting in front of bookshelves

Wishing you a happy new year

I presented five books which have impacted my level of productivity. You can find so many books to get in the groove. I just grabbed five titles from my shelf because they have helped me.

So I wish you a happy new year. We all know a new year does not magically change situations or our habits. Success still depends on what Seth Godin calls “shipping the work.” We need to show up, as homeschool parents, and teach the kids. That’s it. Every day, keep turning the pages in the workbooks. Keep honing those skills. Keep preparing them for their upcoming exams.

There is nothing that can replace diligence. If you are not motivated by a fire burning inside of you, take it easy. Just do the best you can. I promise you public school students do not do school for seven hours straight. When they are in the building called “school,” they do a lot of lining up to go places. Plus assembly, library time, bathroom breaks, lunch, recess, you name it.

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