Goals, Productivity – Facebook Live Event

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We started a new year, you say? Huh! What do you know? 2021 has arrived. Just kidding. To wake up those who have been living under a rock, we kicked off the new year with a Facebook Live Event on goal setting, productivity, and motivation.

Woman sitting in front of bookshelves

Wishing you a happy new year

I presented five books which have impacted my level of productivity. You can find so many books to get in the groove. I just grabbed five titles from my shelf because they have helped me. Continue reading »

Planning for 2021

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I hope you had a happy Christmas. We did. It snowed the night before, so we had a white Christmas for a change. The children do not remember another white Christmas in their lifetime. Many of my friends in Tennessee said similar things.

Siblings playing in the snow

They were so happy to play in the snow on Christmas Day.

This year, 2020, cannot finish fast enough. But the artificial line between two years does not change the status quo. The political situation in the USA is still up in the air, no matter what the mainstream media tells you. COVID-19 seems to be growing – though many people think the statistics are inflated and erroneous (on purpose, to frighten and control the population). Last but not least, winter will send us some cold fronts for the next three months, for sure. This will lead to disruption in traffic, power outages, cancellations of different programs etc. Continue reading »

Thoughtful Thursday Week 52 – Happy New Year

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This is it, friends! 2015 becomes history tonight. We welcome a new year and with it new aspirations, goals, resolutions, plans and lots of homeschooling.

Happy New Year

I hope you have a wonderful celebration and stay up all night. Just kidding. Do whatever you like. I know some people have to work tonight and tomorrow morning. It’s the nature of their work. Others, like me, prefer to go to bed as usual and be happy I don’t have to make awkward conversation with strangers.

What did that Johnson and Johnson commercial say? Having a baby changes everything, right?  Continue reading »