Free Webinar – Preparing for High School

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This Wednesday, August 8, at 3pm Eastern, Matthew Bullington with will be presenting a free webinar exclusively for Homeschool Ways readers. First of all, Mr. Bullington will share about preparing for high school and how to simplify the high school experience. In addition, he will provide you with three PDF downloads that will help you get organize with your goal setting and follow-up.

Preparing for high school webinar

To sign up for the webinar, click here. I am excited about this new partnership between and Even more, I am excited to provide my readers with access to experts who can help. Continue reading »

Generation Genius Science Curriculum

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Today I want to tell you about Generation Genius science curriculum. This program consists of 36 videos, 12 minutes each, on major science topics that we should cover in grades 3-5.

Every video comes with a lesson plan, a vocabulary list, a teacher guide, and activities to do before and after watching the video. Generation Genius was produced through a partnership with the National Science Teachers Association.

Generation Genius Videos

My children watching Generation Genius videos

My children will be in 3rd grade and 5th grade respectively this Fall, so this curriculum fits our needs very well. I can see how younger or older children would like it, too. The videos entertain, besides delivering solid scientific concepts. Continue reading »

How to Prepare for College Free Webinar

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I am excited to announce a new partnership between and It all starts with a free webinar, High School Simplified, on August 8, at 3pm EST. The topic is, in a nutshell, how to prepare for college. helps families be ready for college. Besides test preparation, they will give you a way to sift through the many choices and opportunities available.

How to prepare for college webinar

Personally, I have always wanted to learn how to prepare for college. Some homeschoolers do not necessarily see college as a goal for their children. I do.


Degree or no degree?

Sometimes, a computer whiz starts his own IT consulting business at 16. As he progresses, no college professor can teach him anything anymore. Sure, we understand such situations exist. Continue reading »

Self-Care for Homeschool Moms

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We homeschool moms stay so focused on our children and their education, that we forget ourselves in the process. We do not have enough time to invest in our appearance. Should we just admit it now? We obsess over curriculum choices and schedule options. Self-care for homeschool moms does not just happen.

Self-care for homeschool moms

Self-care for homeschool moms can include checking out a fashion magazine at the bookstore

I have been there and done that. I have neglected my own physical and emotional needs and wants. You don’t plan for this. It just happens, as you zoom into your children’s education and needs. Continue reading »

May 2018 Piano Recital

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Our children have two piano recitals every year: one in December and one in May. The May 2018 piano recital was very exciting for us, because they received festival trophies after their performances. Let me explain.

May 2018 Piano Recital

Our children with their piano trophies – May 2018

The Federation Festival happens in March. The results get tallied every year and trophies are sent to the piano teachers, who can choose to award them privately or in a public ceremony, like at the end of a piano recital. Continue reading »

Kids U Summer Camps

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The University of Tennessee in Knoxville runs a program called Kids U Summer Camps every summer, i.e. courses for children grades 3rd-12th in diverse fields. From computers to arts and cooking, your child can study a new field or deepen her knowledge of a field she already likes.

Kids U Summer Camps

Our daughter on the first day attending App Attack

Kids U Summer Camps demand a lot out of me. I have to drive two hours both ways to get there. But we do it anyway. Kids U courses happen for one week, Monday-Friday for three hours every day. This translates to a five-hour day at a minimum for us. Continue reading »

Ways Children Can Spend the Summer Break

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Children can benefit from many summer break activities, but many parents, whether homeschooling or not, can feel at a loss as to what to do. So I thought I would share with you some ways that children can spend the summer break from schooling.

Summer break activities should include time outside

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You can still make it educational

While officially lessons have been halted, there are always going to be opportunities for children to learn. Summer break activities should not feel like a non-stop amusement park. Continue reading »

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp

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Our children attend Cohutta Springs Youth Camp every year – five days or one week, depending on their age. The 7-9 age group only stays from Sunday through Friday. The 10-12 age group stays from Sunday through Sunday.

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp banana boat ride

Our daughter (front right) enjoying a banana boat ride with friends

This marked our first year when our oldest, who is 10, attended the one-week camp. Of course, he loved it. He was also so homesick by Friday, he almost talked to his counselor (staff member in charge of his cabin) to let him go home. But then he prayed and decided to tough it out. Continue reading »

2018 String Camp

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Whew! What a week! Driving to Knoxville for one hour and 20 minutes every morning starting at 7:30am, sitting through two hours and 30 minutes of string camp every day, then driving home for another 80 minutes. After lunch, I gave them a break.

Knoxville String Camp

My children on the first day of String Camp

Late afternoon, they had to practice for 30 minutes to cement the skills learned that morning. It was not an easy week for any of us, but we made it through. They started String Camp rather reluctantly, but by Tuesday they were singing the tunes they were practicing in their respective orchestras. Continue reading »

Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 13

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Although it is summer break for us, the kids keep asking for more history. We need to finish volume 4 anyway before the new school year starts back up, so I am glad to oblige.

Khachkar craft - Armenian carved "stone" bas relief

Khachkar craft – Armenian carved “stone” bas relief

Chapter 13 deals with the old-fashioned emperor of Brazil and Abdulhamid II, one of the last sultans of the Ottoman Turks. Ms. Bauer manages to explain causes and effects of historic facts very well. Continue reading »