Book 46 of 50 – Coffee and Cake

Rick Rodgers has published many cookbooks over the years. Coffee and Cake is just the kind of cookbook that we all need as an indulgence.

Coffee and Cake

Reading a cookbook from cover to cover will transform the way you look at cooking.

The first half covers the history of coffee and different types of coffee, plus the equipment needed to produce them. He also gives many tips for the home baker – invaluable.

I learned that coffee comes from Ethiopia originally, that Brazil produces more coffee than the next three countries on the list combined, and that 120 million people make a living in the coffee industry all over the world. That’s a lot of people.

The second part of the book brings the recipes – first coffee, then cakes. Some recipes use alcohol and no, I do not plan on making those. Most recipes in the blook look and sound delicious.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures, but the baking advice is probably the strongest feature of the book. My thought was, “Keep this book handy next time you step into the kitchen to bake a cake from scratch, so you can re-read these practical tips.”

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