Book 47 of 50 – Bless Yourself

Joel Osteen has written many encouraging books and Bless Yourself (affiliate link to the devotional journal, not the book reviewed here) is just one of them.

Bless Yourself

Bless Yourself

Short, sweet, and to the point, Bless Yourself will lead you on a journey to discover your own limiting beliefs about what God can do in your life. It is one of the books Osteen offers at times on his website and I just cannot find it right now. They only make it available certain times of the year. Any book by Osteen will bless you though. Here’s Think Better, Live Better (affiliate link).

So many people grow up in a discouraging environment. Nobody tells them good things. They get correction after correction and develop this mindset of mediocrity and limitations.

By changing what your say to yourself and about yourself, by using your own words to bless yourself and not to condemn yourself, to encourage yourself and not to discourage yourself, you can change your life.

Osteen does not preach “the gospel of prosperity,” in my opinion. What I hear is Romans 8:28 – everything works together for good. In the end, it will be all right. If it is not all right, it is not the end.

Do not take revenge on your enemies. God loves you and, in due time, He will vindicate you in powerful ways. Stay strong, calm, master the mundane tasks faithfully, and God will take you to the next level.

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