Book 49 of 50 – Baking with Mary Berry

The Princess of Wales lead me to Mary Berry because I saw a clip of the both of them baking together. As I researched who Mary Berry was, I learned they call her the Queen of British Baking.

Baking with Mary Berry

My copy, purchased from McKay’s, a used bookstore in Knoxville, for $8

Next thing I knew, in one of my visits to a bookstore, I spotted a cookbook by Mary Berry. When you open yourself up to a certain concept, the road veers  and steers you in the right direction for the next step. You just have to take the first step. Providence will supply the next and the next.

Lately, I have been gathering cookbooks. This just might be the last cookbook I buy for a while though, because I have plenty to keep me busy.

The editors adapted her recipes to American measurements – thank you, editors. I like the Techniques section, especially the pictures. Nothing beats a picture.

Then, the recipes are split into Breakfast, Cakes, Cookies, Pies, British favorites, and Special occasion. I have no immediate plans to bake the more elaborate recipes in this book. Suffice it to say I am just happy to work through some of the breakfast items now because I love breakfast.

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