Book 48 of 50 – Thrive

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Arianna Huffington wrote Thrive to advocate for the third metric of success: a life of well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving. In this world, there are two metrics of success: money and power. But if in the pursuit of your first (or hundredth) million you drive your health into the ground, go through divorce, and get estranged from your family, what have you really accomplished?

Thrive by Arianna Huffington

Redefining success

Huffington preaches the gospel of sleep, meditation, and self-care. Her audience is made up of Type A personalities who brag about how little sleep they got at night. She tells them to go take a nap. Their conversation would be even more interesting if they had gotten more sleep. Continue reading »

Book 5 of 50 – Atomic Habits

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You can easily read Atomic Habits (affiliate link) by James Clear in a week. It is only 264 pages. Besides, it is written well and presents a few simple concepts. The stories Clear uses to open each chapter and illustrate the principles keep your interest in reading.

Atomic Habits

My copy of the book from the library

What Clear proposes are small changes you can implement in your daily routine so that you can change your habits and results over time. Also, the goal is to have lasting results. Continue reading »

Book 2 of 50 – How to Win Friends

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Dale Carnegie published How to Win Friends and Influence People (affiliate link) before World War II – in 1936, to be precise. To this day, this book still stands as the best in the self-improvement, self-help category in any bookstore.

Lady listening to audiobook

Me, listening to “How to Win Friends…,” while waiting during my children’s Science Olympiad exams, at Friendship Christian School in Lebanon, TN

I read this book about 25 years ago and felt I needed a refresher. What spurred this on was the fact that my son, age 15, has found out about this book from Hamza, a YouTuber he watches. My son asked if we had the book. Well, I used to. I moved countries one too many times and left it behind somewhere in Sweden. Continue reading »