Week 6 – Done

We are still recovering from fall allergies and sore throats – at least my daughter and I. My son drove himself to the weekly hike, which was actually a picnic at Metcalf Bottoms, since other members were under the weather, too. Of course, he only has a permit, so I had to be in the car with him. I hung out with them for a bit, but then I came home and straight to bed. One of the ladies brought him home.

Raccoon eating cat food

This raccoon showed up on our patio to eat the food we feed our outside cats.

It’s amazing how much bed rest can do for a sore throat and cold symptoms. I spent the next two days in bed and read a lot. We skipped church, as we did not want to share our germs with anybody. My daughter and I also skipped a bondfire we were planning to attend with the middle schoolers from the co-op. It may not be contagious, but you never know. Ragweed allergies and colds have such similar symptoms.

The kids have had to pitch in and cook soup for me and cook their own meals for a bit. When I got out of bed one time, a bit concerned, trying to see if they are OK, they both told me to relax. They got this. OK then…

We are plodding along with Algebra II. When we ran into the division of polynomials, I did not remember how to do. The book does not explain, which means they taught it in Algebra I. Well, we never finished 100% of Algebra I. So we found a gap. What to do? I do not have a Saxon DVD for Algebra II. I did not use the DVD for Geometry at all. Easy fix: we watched a YouTube video and learned how to do it in six minutes. Done.

It was interesting to read the comments of public school students. Many ran along the line, “My teacher does not explain this at all,” OR “My teacher explained this very poorly, so I never understood it. Thank you for posting this video. Now I know how to divide polynomials.” Tell me, please, why should we worry that we, homeschool moms, do not have a math degree?

In other news, my son wants to bulk up. Therefore, I am studying the protein content of all the foods we have in our diet. We will keep a food diary for a few weeks in order to monitor the amount of protein and learn how to come up with at least 120 g per day.

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