Book 32 of 50 – 52 Ways to Walk

Annabel Streets grew up in Wales without a car or public transportation, so she walked everywhere, sometimes for miles. She is not afraid to walk or write about it. In her book, 52 Ways to Walk, (Amazon Affiliate link) Streets encourages us to find innovative ways to get outside and move.

52 Ways to Walk

She found 54 ways, but her editor said they should stop at 52, one for every week of the year.

How ironic is it that her name is Streets, right? Well, we can all do better when it comes to exercise. Streets quotes many research studies which show the benefits of walking for the body and for the mind.

She also gets rid of excuses: the weather should never affect your walking regimen. There are chapters about walking in the rain, in the snow, in the wind, in the sun, you name it. Then, walking silently, even with a partner nearby.

Did you know that even perfect strangers who walk side by side quietly find each other closer at the end of the walk? It’s the power of stepping in the same direction for a while. How much more powerful is it when you walk with a loved one and you share a heartfelt conversation? Or when you sing or hum?

Then there were two new concepts for me: nitric oxide and brown fat. You will have to Google those. Or, better yet, read the book.

I found this book fascinating because of all the benefits Streets shows walking can provide. More than ever, I am determined to get out there and walk no matter what the weather is like.

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