Week 3 – Done

“Have you gotten into a rhythm yet with the new school year?” a dear friend asked me. “Yes and no,” I replied. Every week, we have had some kind of project or reason to not go full blast every single day. However, I feel like we are definitely into a school rhythm.

F-250 pulls trailer

Leaving our home to go camping; the roof top tent opens atop the trailer

Week 3 – no exception. We had to prepare for a camping trip, so Friday’s lessons got cut short. Also this week, my daughter and I got to spend some time with the middle schoolers from our co-op, in the National Park, while enjoying a back-to-school picnic and multiple games.

Our daughter has made several friends at co-op this year, which is an answer to prayer. Last year she was just so shy, she did not interact much with others. Things are different this year.

Metcalf Bottoms Picnic

Back-to-School picnic and games with the BHEA middle schoolers at Metcalf Bottoms in the National Park

She is enjoying ASL I and her homework partner matches her well. They get along great. Going to this picnic with the co-op middle schoolers gave her a chance to get to know other students and have fun with them.


News Flash

This past week brought about a momentous decision: we have dropped violin lessons and orchestra. I should have probably started with this.

The audition results came in and even though they placed well, in the same orchestras as last year, I wish we had had more progress. Truth be told, our son was only going to attend orchestra this year because our daughter wanted to attend orchestra. And what was he going to do on the sidelines? Might as well participate, too.

Harp lesson

Our daughter wants to focus on harp

However, I had to have a hear-to-heart with myself and with them: are we really reaching our goals in violin? Are they excited about it? Does it feel like a chore? Do I want to drive them to rehearsals every Monday again, arriving back home at 9:45pm? Do we still want to be exhausted on Tuesday, as we rush to do school in the morning and then load up and drive to Knoxville for violin lessons in the afternoon?

After eight years and ten years respectively of violin lessons, it is time to stop. Clearly, violin will not become their profession. We had a family talk and, really, it was my decision, but the kids were totally on board. Our daughter wants to focus on harp. Our son wants to focus on cubing. Period.

My daughter put it well: “I enjoy violin but not enough to practice in a perfectionist way.” That’s that. Violin and orchestra out. Curtain.

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