Book 28 of 50 – Bolt

Bolt by Dick Francis is a thriller set in the horseracing world of England. Kit Fielding, the main character, works as a jockey who races for a wealthy couple. Without wanting to, he turned into a detective, to help them escape a business partner. On the other hand, somebody is killing their horses “humanely,” with a bolt-gun.

Bolt by Dick Francis

Another horseracing thriller

Over these two plot lines, we also read about a love story. Kit and the niece of the wealthy couple, in fact, are engaged. When an older prince tries to woo his girlfriend/fiancee, Kit must confront a lot of feelings. Of course, he chooses integrity over suspicion.

As he solves the mystery and saves the couple from their psycho business partner, Kit also gets the girl.

This title satisfies on many levels. I usually read a lot of classics and non-fiction, so I need a little fluff now and then. Variety is the spice of life.

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