Week 4 – Done

And… the trend continues. We had to cut our studies short this week as well, because on Monday we returned from camping around lunch time, and on Friday we left for Nashville in the early afternoon, for our son’s cubing competition. Never a dull moment.

RTT over a trailer

Our five-person roof top tent sits over a trailer my husband designed.

We really enjoyed camping over the Labor Day weekend. Nature is good for the soul, but several things happened during this trip also, which bonded us even more as a family. I would not say everything that happened was easy to take, but that is exactly the point. Challenges bring us closer together.

Woman sitting by the river

After going in the water all the way, I warmed up on a rock.

Since June, I am doing a new thing which is supposed to be good for my health – cold showers and/or plunging into icy cold mountain rivers. I got a chance to dip into the cold river running by a trail in Cosby, where we were camping, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Women sitting in cold mountain river water

Dipping in a very cold mountain river with a dear friend

The good news is, despite all these distractions, we discovered we can do two lessons of US History in one day. The same goes for Algebra II. We are determined not to get too far behind in our book learning.

My son and I are having a lot of fun with algebra so far. The lessons are not challenging at all, so we are zooming through the problems. Our math curriculum, Saxon, has 30 problems at the end of every chapter in a spiral approach. We choose 18 maybe and we do the ones he needs to practice. Why drill and kill when he understands the concepts?

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