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In all honesty, the week before we started our new school year, I felt anxious, fearful, already defeated, behind, and on the verge of burnout. Ten years of homeschooling have taught me to fear the rhythm and the workload. I am no longer “young and dumb,” as they say about newbies in every area. Burnout has reached me one too many times and I have developed a healthy fear of it.

Homeschooling Today Magazine

My first issue of Homeschooling Today

Besides, summer has gone by way too fast. We had a lot of fun together as a family and I just did not want to interrup that fun with a “school schedule.” My children worked at my husband’s business and I had the entire morning to myself to catch up on my own projects.

Encouraging Fridge Magnet

They sent an encouraging magnet, which I placed on my fridge.

As I was trying to get my act together emotionally, I discovered Homeschooling Today – the magazine. It has been a few years since I subscribed to a homeschooling magazine.


Publishing Glad Tidings

Since I liked what I saw online, I decided to invest in the print version. There is nothing like a pretty paper magazine in your hands.

Article inside Homeschooling Today

One of many good articles inside Homeschooling Today

The print version comes with a lot of digital content, plus an encouraging magnet for your fridge and a small poster to remind you to pray for your homeschooling endeavor. All this has helped me gain courage for the new school year. It also reminded me that He Who has called me is faithful. He started this homeschool journey in our family and He will finish it. Remember, we are not alone in this!

Homeschool Parents' Pledge

Part of the Homeschool Parents’ Pledge – small poster you receive with the print edition

The lady who started this magazine in 1992, sadly, has passed away since, but her daughter is continuing the legacy. We should all support such a wonderful publishing ministry.

Homeschooling Today has reminded me to be bold, stop comparing our homeschool to other homeschools, and give the reins over to the One Who called me into this journey.

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