The Last Week of Summer Break

We start the new school year next week, which makes this week the last week of summer break. This has been an interesting break. We did not accomplish much from the list of goals we put down on paper. However, we have grown closer as a family by going through growing pains and challenges and by having heart-to-heart, honest conversations.

Teddybear admires bread

My teddybear, Tumble, is admiring the Dutch oven bread I made today.

It has become clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that my children are not children anymore. One of them is a teenager, the other one is a tween. Clearly, we have entered adolescence and there is no going back. My husband and I have to grow with them and adapt to this new phase.

We were hoping to get to the pool once a week, but only made it there once. The fast from electronics and a whole month of sickness (we took turns, as families do) lead us to decisions about instruments.

After much prayer and conversation, we have decided to keep violin and orchestra, co-op and taekwondo, harp (daughter) and music composition (son). Add to that English, Math, and Science Olympiad. Also, hiking club outings, church, and the schedule is full again.

I hope we enjoy this last week of summer break. Personally, I plan on making large batches of veggie burgers and waffles to freeze. We will be on the road a lot this year and my freezer and pantry must be ready for meals we take in a cooler in the car.

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