I Am School

From self-help gurus to preachers and everyone in between, they all warn us to be careful what we say about ourselves after “I am.” Be careful how you end this sentence: “I am…” They call it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Girl playing folk harp

Our daughter practicing the folk harp at home

A few years ago, when I was thinking about all the things that I teach the children and how I organize their activities, I realized that I was, in fact, their whole school. I was school. I am school.

It is humbling and honoring at the same time. I don’t utter those words with arrogance. It is simply the reality of our lives. Every homeschool mom is a school de facto.

You know the expression “alma mater,” i.e. “nourishing mother?” We apply alma mater to a school we once attended. There, “the school” nourished us and helped us grow and become adults.

Pool Time

We made it to the pool once this summer.

Well, I reserve the right to be my children’s alma mater – their nourishing mother. No, I am not perfect. Yes, I make mistakes. Every school in this world makes mistakes.

When it comes to my children, I reserve the right to nourish them according to my conscience and education, my convictions and my training. So help me God.

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