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We had the flu last week and it stopped the schedule, which I do not like at all. I had milder symptoms than any members of my family, which meant I had to drive to the doctor, the pharmacy, the store, and the dump (to get rid of the trash).

Entire family sick meme

Our daughter made this meme to illustrate our week with the flu.

Plus, of course, make sure everyone is taking their meds at the right time and drinking plenty of fluids. Continue reading »

Lessons from the Thirteenth Week

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The title could also be changed to “How to Homeschool While Your Entire Family Has the Flu.” Yes, we had the flu all of last week. It started the weekend before that, but we had no clue. We thought it was just a sore throat due to seasonal allergies.

Orchestra portrait

Every year, they take official portraits for the youth symphony.

Then our son started coughing badly on the way to orchestra. He stayed for the photo session, happening only that day, but not for the rehearsal. The next day, he was running a fever. A visit to the doctor confirmed he had the flu. By now it was too late for anything other than rest and lots of fluids. I made tea and heated up soup several times a day. Continue reading »