We had the flu last week and it stopped the schedule, which I do not like at all. I had milder symptoms than any members of my family, which meant I had to drive to the doctor, the pharmacy, the store, and the dump (to get rid of the trash).

Entire family sick meme

Our daughter made this meme to illustrate our week with the flu.

Plus, of course, make sure everyone is taking their meds at the right time and drinking plenty of fluids.

I would like to hereby sing a song of praise to all the mamas out there who battle the flu while taking care of their family – it’s not just me, I know, and I salute you all.

In my newspaper column, I promised to be a good girl and take a flu shot from now on. However, everybody knows flu shots work less than 50% of the time.


Three viruses – one epidemic

We are in the trenches of a tripledemic. Apparently, that’s what they call it. RSV hit in October, COVID-19 reared its ugly head in November, and the flu affected many people in December – a tripledemic.

The pharmacist told us they had a hard time finding antibiotics for babies. When I heard that, I counted my blessings.

They had plenty of Tamiflu for us. We also had to take Tylenol to bring the fever down. Our son went up to 104F, our daughter to 103F. When I saw those numbers, I thought the thermometer had broken down. My children had never had such fevers. Ever. My husband was not well at all, either.

This school year has been full of sickness. Every month, we have had to take a week off for sickness. It is ridiculous. And why? Because they made everybody wear a mask for the past two years. Look it up. That is what doctors are saying now: mask-wearing and social distancing have brought us to a situation where, as a society, we cannot handle the flu and either viruses.

And on that happy note, I say bye for now, because I have to go heat up some soup for my family.

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