Ways Children Can Spend the Summer Break

Children can benefit from many summer break activities, but many parents, whether homeschooling or not, can feel at a loss as to what to do. So I thought I would share with you some ways that children can spend the summer break from schooling.

Summer break activities should include time outside

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You can still make it educational

While officially lessons have been halted, there are always going to be opportunities for children to learn. Summer break activities should not feel like a non-stop amusement park.

As you have the time during the summer break, this is a great way to make those educational opportunities fun. Visits to local museums that showcase different exhibits are a great way to enjoy a day out.

You could even explore your own village or town as a tourist, or venture out to a neighboring location and take a look at free art exhibits or museums that are on offer. Many hold special events for the summer, so checking out the websites beforehand could highlight the ideal days to go.


Enroll children in sports camps

Sports camps are a great way to ensure that children get the right level of activity as well as enjoy time being sociable. There are so many ways that children can enjoy things like this, from string camp where my children enjoyed time learning with orchestras to soccer camps where you can encourage sporting activities.

It helps them to use up energy, keeps them active during the break, and could even help them make new friends and enjoy different hobbies and recreational activities.


Spending quality time as a family

There is no better way to spend the summer than as a family enjoying time with each other. Consider some of things you enjoy doing together and build your summer break activities around those.

A staycation can be nice. If the budget allows, you could book a vacation away from home, a camping trip or jump on a plane somewhere new, all of which provide great opportunities to learn and experience new things.

You could also do things closer to home such as hiking or spending time at home playing games. Hiking and board games are great opportunities for conversations that otherwise may never happen.


Enjoying the outside space and fresh air

Finally, spending time outside is one of the ideal ways to ensure that you make the most of the summer break. Being in the yard gives you plenty of chances to do things such as arts and crafts, chalking on the driveway, making things, planting new plants and learning about nature, as well as just getting fresh air.

It is also an ideal way to avoid the temptation of game consoles and tablets which can be one of the easiest ways children can be distracted during the summer break. While in moderation technology is good, for hours on end it isn’t ideal.

I hope that these suggestions help you ensure that your children benefit from the summer break ahead.

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