Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 28

Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 28 deals with the three-war war and the Holocaust. So hard, telling these stories! I teared up as I read to the kids. The suffering that generation had to go through with the two world wars makes me heartbroken.

American Girl Series Molly

American Girl book showing how a girl would experience World War II.

Growing up under communism, they censored a lot of modern movies – a good thing, actually, because it forced us to read books instead. If they did show us a movie on our limited TV broadcasts, it would be about World War II, the Holocaust, or a musical featuring Fred Astaire. I feel like I have studied World War II forever or, at least, since age eight. 


Molly Saves the Day

We went to the library and asked if they have any children’s books about the Holocaust. No such luck. I told them I would send some requests in for our ILL program. Based on Susan Wise Bauer’s list, we do not have that many choices anyway. And, besides, most of them are “Preview first” type of books.

American Girl book introducing Molly, a girl who lives during WWII

American Girl book introducing Molly, a girl who lives during WWII

I did remember that the American Girl series featured girls at different times in history and looked at that shelf in our local library. Sure enough, I found Molly. who lived during World War II. Book 1 introduces the characters and the setting. Book 2 discusses how Molly herself helped with the war effort. These books helped us get a feel for what a child would go through during that time.

For our craft, we talked about English children who had to go into the countryside – Chronicles of Narnia opens with that scene. It gave us an opportunity to link literature with history.

We talked about taking pictures of them packing a suitcase, but then we decided it would be too much work. We tend to be quite spoiled that way.

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