Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 29

Story of the World, Vol. 4, Chapter 29 covers the end of World War II with two stories: the war that stretched across the world and the atom bomb. Sobering events to be sure, albeit fascinating.

Boy carrying luggage

My son acting out “leaving London” like English children during WWII.

I made sure to point out that we live one hour away from Oak Ridge National Laboratories, where THE bomb was manufactured. My husband has cousins who work there. His uncle worked there all his life. We have yet to visit the place. We plan to do that in the near future. Maybe next spring, when we can afford a field trip day without wondering about book work.

So I was right in thinking about an activity with suitcases that relates to English children going to the country side. Ms. Bauer has this activity as a suggestion for role-play. We will do this after all. We do not need to pack a suitcase. Just bring them down from their storage place and take some pictures for fun.

I must say, the map work in this history curriculum has been helping my children with geography. They can now recognize shapes and countries even though we have not done a separate geography study. At times tedious, this map work does its magic though. So keep at it and you will see results slowly but surely.

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