Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 42

Chapter 42 is the last chapter. It feels rather sad to be done with the Middle Ages. My son said he would like to do it all over again. I told him he was welcome to read the book to himself when he has a moment. He realized he could not talk me into reading it aloud all over again.

Spanish Armada coloring page

Spanish Armada coloring page

By the way, we got our new printer and I was able to print all the necessary coloring pages and maps. What an adventure! We have had the old printer for a decade or so and my husband was ready to upgrade a long time ago. I was not. I am the kind of person who will use a tool until it shreds to pieces or does not function anymore. 

When the printer finally went kaput on me a couple of days ago, I knew this was it. We had to get a new printer/scanner/copier. My husband was very happy to order one for us.

So this last chapter dealt with the kingdoms of Spain and England colliding at sea. King Philip again – this must be the third lesson which refers to his actions. He did get around.

The mention of Sir Francis Drake reminded me of an audio book we had listened to a few years ago and guess what? The kids do not remember it. I have to dig it out so we could listen to it all over again. It would be fun.

I had just enough mental energy left to ask them to color the Spanish armada page and do the map work. We talked about the word armada in Spanish, which is very close to its Romanian equivalent, armata.

The second story was a recap of the XVI century. Ms. Bauer described the whole world, region by region, as she took us on a trip by ship this time. You might remember that we started out by magic carpet. So long, Middle Ages!

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