Rush Revere Book Series

We highly recommend the Rush Revere book series for your American history class. In short, we have enjoyed this five-book series (affiliate link) very much. Read on for details.

Rush Revere Book Series

Rush Revere Book Series

You all know we use The Story of the World for our history spine. I blog about the experience. The Rush Revere book series counts as our American history living books supplement.

Rush Revere book series

My son read a book a day, and so he finished them in less than a week. My daughter was at camp that week. She and I are catching up with big brother. We decided that I should read them aloud to her. It turns out, big brother wants to sit in. Therefore, we end up doing that magical thing all experts recommend: bonding through reading aloud.

Each book has 10 chapters and a prologue for a total of 250 pages. I read two chapters a day at a minimum. The books contain pictures, as well. The kids get to familiarize themselves with the faces of historic figures and famous buildings. You can find review questions at the end of each book. provides the answers and many other activities, including a homeschool section.


Rush Revere Book Series Content

So, what is in these books? Simply put, American history facts delivered through a story. The narrative contains modern day fictional characters who have the ability to travel back in time. Rush Revere, a history teacher, and his horse, Liberty, who talks and time-jumps, take different students back in time. Revere and Liberty introduce the children to the Pilgrims, Founding Fathers, King George III etc.

Rush Limbaugh and his wife, Kathryn, who also contributed to the writing, know how to spin a tale. The characters are well-defined and the tone is light-hearted. You start enjoying the interactions between Cam and Tommy, Elizabeth and Freedom – the kids who travel through time.

Besides American history, the books also address bullying, dealing with bratty classmates, the absence of a military father, cell phone usage and other issues that children face today.

Rush Revere Book Series Box

Rush Revere Book Series Box

The Rush Revere books series I link here are hard backs with glossy pages that have an old document look. They retail for a lot more, so $55.32 for the entire set is a very good price indeed.

Finally, let me say that Amazon recommends the Rush Revere book series for ages 9-12 but younger or older ages can enjoy them, too. Get your own set here.

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  2. Interesting! I don’t know that I would turn to Rush Limbaugh for a living history source but these have piqued my interest. Thanks for the feature and review—I may indeed check them out on our return to the States in late fall.

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