Free Webinar – Preparing for High School

This Wednesday, August 8, at 3pm Eastern, Matthew Bullington with will be presenting a free webinar exclusively for Homeschool Ways readers. First of all, Mr. Bullington will share about preparing for high school and how to simplify the high school experience. In addition, he will provide you with three PDF downloads that will help you get organize with your goal setting and follow-up.

Preparing for high school webinar

To sign up for the webinar, click here. I am excited about this new partnership between and Even more, I am excited to provide my readers with access to experts who can help.

Have you noticed how fast time flies? Therefore, let me just say this: even if your children are small, you will benefit from this webinar. In my experience, it always helps to look ahead, plan ahead, and keep an eye on the goal – getting into college with scholarships.


Eyes on the Prize

You probably know that my oldest will start fifth grade in a week. In case you don’t know, that’s middle school. Seems like things will get a bit more serious.

I don’t know how it happened. He used to be my kindergartner. Then, he was in first grade, second grade etc. Suddenly, he is in fifth grade. Where did the years go?

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the middle school curriculum we plan to use. Also, here is a post about how to plan for middle school. Looking back on these posts, written eight months ago, I can already see how I have changed my plans in some areas.


Preparing for High School

Looking closely at this situation, preparing for high school may seem almost unnecessary for a mom with a fifth grader and a third grader, but you know me. Above all, I like to be prepared.

In general, we make plans so that we can modify them as we go. If we do not make plans, how do we know we are still walking toward our goals?

Consequently, we should all look to the future, the distant future for some of us and the not-so-distant future for others. Because preparing for high school does not have to be scary. Maybe you remember how scared you were about teaching your child to read? And yet you did it. Most noteworthy, you did it just fine.

Now here you are, wondering if you can homeschool through high school. Can I just tell you? Yes, you can! And Matthew Bullington will help you start planning for it through this webinar on Wednesday. To sign up, follow this link. See you there!

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