Our Weekly Bread: 17 of 36

When January 6 rolls around, I want to bake a Kings’ Cake or King Cake or galette des rois. We do not celebrate Epiphany, but it is a French thing. I teach my children French and many things about French culture. A few years ago, I posted about a galette des rois on this blog.

Galette des rois

Galette des rois – our 2021 homemade version

Louisiana has a version of this cake, but it is not puff pastry. Plus, they eat it all the way until Mardi Gras, which is sometime in February. The French only indulge in this after Christmas and, maybe, until the end of January.

The pastry shops of France take advantage of its popularity to sell it even beyond January 6, which is the supposed date when the Magi visited the manger.

Galette des rois

Galette des rois, before baking. The corners were great, too, even without the filling.

In my previous blog post, you can see I made a regular Bundt cake and hid a LEGO man in it. Our daughter found it. This year, we decided on a traditional puff pastry. It was really good. The kids loved it and wondered if we could make it again. Probably, because my beloved husband purchased two packages of frozen puff pastry. So, a month from now, or whenever, I will probably make this again.

This year, I hid a pecan in the cake. I needed something flat. The French put a fava bean, but I wanted something edible.

What do you know? Our daughter found it in her piece. Again. She got to be queen for the day.

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