Our Weekly Bread: 17 of 36

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When January 6 rolls around, I want to bake a Kings’ Cake or King Cake or galette des rois. We do not celebrate Epiphany, but it is a French thing. I teach my children French and many things about French culture. A few years ago, I posted about a galette des rois on this blog.

Galette des rois

Galette des rois – our 2021 homemade version

Louisiana has a version of this cake, but it is not puff pastry. Plus, they eat it all the way until Mardi Gras, which is sometime in February. The French only indulge in this after Christmas and, maybe, until the end of January. Continue reading »

King Cake – A French Tradition

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In order to teach my children all about French culture, I decided to start a new tradition: bake a king cake for Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day, which is January 6th. Traditions vary from region to region. This year, I wanted to make a cake. Next year, I may opt for a galette (pastry) instead.

King Cake and breakfast

King Day Breakfast

We had a lot of fun with it. I hid a LEGO mini-figure in the cake and asked the youngest member of the family to sit under the table and decide who should get each slice.

King Day Traditions

The youngest sits under the table and decides the order of the slices.

The person who gets the slice with the mini-figure gets to wear a crown and be king or queen for a day. Continue reading »