Our Son’s Second Book

Our son continued writing after he published The Knight of Asper. He came up with a second book in the series: Battle with Herobrine. The series title is “The Adventures of Stickgamer135” and it is an unofficial Minecraft novel series for children age 9 and older. You can purchase it on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format.

Unofficial Minecraft Novel

Batle with Herobine, our son’s second book, another unofficial Minecraft novel

So many things have happened in the last two months, I have not had a chance to even blog about his second book. For your information, my children do not play Minecraft with other players, and we limit their time on the computer drastically.

However, my son has read a variety of books in his 11 years of life, which enabled him to come up with his own plot in the Minecraft environment. Battle with Herobrine is volume 2 in this series our son dreamed up. Ben is the real name of Stickgamer135 and he has a machine that can transport him into the Minecraft world. Together with a band of friends, other users, they take on the ultimate Minecraft villain, Herobrine.

After a few twists and turns, they learn a few things about Minecraft and each other. Will Battle with Herobrine end well for Ben and his friends? That would be a spoiler, so I will not answer that question.

I do not recommend you start your children in Minecraft or any other video game. But if you already have, these books would give your child a great break from the screen. Whatever your do, talk to them about video game addictions. And do set a timer when they play, so there will be a stopping point.

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