Mom Monday Week 36 – Your Physical Space

A few years back, somebody told me that I have an organized mind. Maybe so. What I know for sure is that I can’t live in a disorganized home. Now, there are different levels of organization.

Trust me, my home is not picture perfect. A brutally honest relative came by a few years back and said with disgust as he looked at our living room, “This has become a play room now…” Well, those are his feelings. We like our living room peppered with LEGO bricks and dolls and toy trucks and ponies. It’s the price we pay for having children. 

Mom Monday week 36 - Your Physical Space

We have hard wood floors and a large area rug in the middle of the living room. We came up with the rule that all the toys stay on the carpet. About twice a week, when the sight gets unbearable, the toys make their ways into their carefully labeled baskets and bins. But, on a daily basis, we only pick up what has come off the carpet and put it back in the general area where it belongs.

As to our school books and supplies, bins and baskets and labels do the trick. We return those to their respective place as soon as we get done using them. Otherwise it’s too chaotic.

Recently, I even organized our collection of 450 living books. Gotta love the internet. I got free labels which fit the kinds of books I had, plus the inspiration itself. Hail to Pinterest!

Book bins with labels

Shelf #1. We have several.

I don’t know what your comfort level is when it comes to your physical space. I know ladies who complain about their disorganized home but do not want to do anything about it. I also know ladies whose conscience bothers them if they see a basket full of dirty laundry. So they do their laundry. Even if they don’t feel like it.

To each his own. But, if you are stressed because your physical space is disorganized, it will be worth your while to spend 30 minutes every day tackling one small area. The rest will follow.

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